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Are You Owning Your Side In Marriage?

Kristy Groce | April 11, 2022

If you missed this episode you missed a “first” for Josh and I – we had no planned points that we both had discussed beforehand with no discussion either. 

If you watch the replay or listen to the audio you get the raw and real Josh & Kristy and how a “normal” conversation goes in our house. 

We had talked about the importance of personal growth and how vitally important that is in your marriage, for each one of you to continue to “grow.” 

Then we came up with something much more fun! 

Josh and I would each document the top three things that we felt we had grown in thus far in our relationship. THEN, we would write down the top three things that we feel the other person has grown in and see how close we are to each other.

Josh and I even were talking afterward about how much fun we both had doing this. Of course it was fun for us but let us know what you think. ☺ 

This was a lot of fun BUT the takeaways were:

Communication – How much we have grown together in this. Communication is so important in your marriage. Talk – talk about the tough stuff. Have it be real, respectful, honest, vulnerable, understanding, & humble. Your relationship will be SO STRONG – we promise!!

Vulnerability – Vulnerability equals trust and trust can come when we work on our own insecurities first. You aren’t scared to let the other person in, FULLY. You let them love you, all of you and completely just fall into it.  

This leads us to the last and most important point:

God – By trusting yourself and your marriage to God , this will allow you to trust your spouse. Because you are not putting your trust in your spouse but the one that created you. No matter what happens, you know that you will be okay by putting your trust in God. 

Remember your marriage is the foundation for your family and God is the foundation for your marriage.

Here are the replays if you missed it : Remember you can also listen to the audio wherever podcasts are streamed.

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                                                                                            ~Josh and Kristy
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