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Kristy Groce | Mar 21, 2022

Do you find yourself saying “This is my money; I should be able to buy what I want” Or “What my spouse doesn’t know won’t hurt them”? 

A lot of marriages (in our experience) this has become the norm and even more so in blended families due to being a single parent for an extended time.

Just what we would tell our kids – it is not good to lie. Why would we think that our spouse is any different?

Let’s look at the root of this problem – if we feel like we need to hide things from one another there is a bigger issue than money, right?

Now that we have established that, let’s talk about some solutions to help work through some potential hiccups when it comes to money and blending a family.

1. Have a joint account

Every marriage is different, so you need to figure out what works for your marriage. For Josh and me we believe in only having joint accounts. We also believe we should both know our budget and discuss all purchases.

Some couples will have a joint account with a budget and then have individual accounts. This is so that they can still purchases gifts for their spouse and not have the spouse know about. Each should still have access to one another’s accounts in case of an emergency.

God tells us that we are to be one flesh and that we are no longer two but one. We need to keep this in mind with our marriages – just because we have been married before doesn’t mean that we are to negate what the bible says about our marriage.

2. Make a budget

Believe it or not this can cause a lot of issues in your marriage. You need to have a budget to stick to.

Josh and I sit down and go over the budget considering the following: what we bring in, what we are saving, what we are tithing, what we want to splurge on.

That way we both know where we are financially. In the past, Josh was handling all our finances and I would get upset if I wanted to do something and he would tell me that we didn’t have the money.

What I didn’t understand is where our money was going and how we were currently spending it. Once I learned that it took away a lot of arguments.

3. Don’t hide money from your spouse

Okay, let’s get down to the brass tacks here. If you are being dishonest to your spouse about anything, then there are some trust issues in your relationship.

THAT is what needs to be dealt with, not finances.

Why don’t you trust each other? What conversations need to happen to start building that trust back up? Could being more open and honest about finances begin to help bridge that trust?

The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. Do not let the love of money destroy the love that God has given us to have in our marriages.

Start loving God the most and putting Him first and your marriage will flourish. Trust Him with your money and your spouse.

These are just a few points about finances in a blended marriage – we know that there are many more. – things like retirement, life insurance policies, and kids – we could have done two podcasts on this topic alone.

If you missed the podcast – take a listen here

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Remember that God loves you – we love you.

God knew you were going to be where you are right now, don’t lose hope!

                                                                                            ~Josh and Kristy
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