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3 Ways To Create Trust In Your Marriage

Kristy Groce | Feb 28, 2022

Three ways to create trust in your marriage:
Do you struggle with trust in your marriage? Are you trustworthy in your marriage?
This was a particular hurdle that Josh and I struggled with in our marriage.
Using the following 3 action steps helped us with working through and building trust within our marriage.
1. Transparency
Since this is the quickest way to create distrust in your relationship, we will say that this is the quickest way to create it. The more open you are with one another with things like where you are going, passwords to phones and computers, and being open with who you communicate with on social media, the safer your spouse will feel. This is where building trust starts.
Trust takes time and a lot of work. One of the surest ways to have a lack of trust in your relationship is to have the attitude that you are grown and do not need to report to anyone. If you WANT your marriage to succeed, then you need to be willing to have no secrets AND the desire to have your spouse feel safe.
2. Responsibility
Taking a proactive approach to the baggage that you bring (that we all bring) to the relationship and having the attitude that you will be helping one another work through these idiosyncrasies, can help avoid cracks in your relationship.
You cannot force your spouse to take responsibility by telling them where they suck! (Nobody responds well to that!) You both need to sit down together and communicate about each other’s feelings and respect the feelings. This requires honesty, respect, and responsibility.
Josh and I referred to this as a “wedge.” We would acknowledge that we felt like there was a wedge coming between us and would address it head on. We had to do this A LOT more in the beginning. Our “bathroom talks” would last HOURS! If you are not familiar with us talking about that – listen to some of our other episodes. 
3. Humility
“Eating crow” is a necessity in a relationship. If you can’t be humble with your spouse, then you absolutely are not humble with others – or it’s false humility.
If your spouse comes to you to discuss where they are distrusting you or questioning something that you are doing, having humility in this time will build your relationship trust (or break it down). Your reaction at that time will determine the direction your relationship goes.
I questioned Josh about everything in the beginning, I had HUGE trust issues. Josh knew that they would not go away if he retaliated against me or made me feel stupid about my feelings. This would lead to a very toxic unhealthy marriage OR a divorce, which none of us want.
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