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Who Is Watching?

Kristy Groce | Nov 8, 2021

Being in a blended family can be overwhelming, wonderful, chaotic, scary, and every other emotional word you can think of!

The point of this is that when your ex calls last minute and says that they can’t pick up the kids and you are at work, so you need your spouse to go pick them up. This in turn causes you to cancel your dinner plans – now that can cause some frustration.

In these moments it is hard to not think about anything but that frustration and forget about who may be watching.

Our goal is to have a marriage and family we are proud of. When we react instead of responding, everything around us gets impacted by our frustration.

Blended families can be frustrating! This is an absolute guarantee.

Something that we desired was a different outcome compared to our last marriage. We wanted this marriage to work at all costs. That meant changing the way we handled each other, our kids, our ex’s (ugh), and everything in between.

We started asking ourselves “who is watching?”

It’s always good to take a step back and be reminded.

1. God is watching – God wants you to always be reminded that he wants you to be obedient to Him. When you decided to get married to each other, you promised to God that you would stay together for better or for worse. God already knew that this is where you would be in your life, and He loves you and is just waiting for you to give all your worries to Him. Find time for you and your spouse to pray together. This keeps you both centered.

2. The kids are watching – Kids of a blended family are typically a year behind the marriage in the blending process. Kids want stability and they will be questioning whether they can rely on this “family” to stay together. Kids also learn how to love God and how to love in marriages through you. Find time to pray with your kids. This keeps the family centered.

You and your spouse’s marriage need to be the most important relationship that there is and that does not mean that your schedules aren’t going to get screwed up or that your kids are going to want you and their other parent to get back together.

A strong marriage isn’t that everything is okay, a strong marriage is how you come together and handle things when they are not. You two are each other’s biggest fans and sometimes you also need to be reminded that your marriage (especially in a blended marriage) is not just about you two. When you married one another you married each other’s kids too. ;)

So, who’s watching? Everyone. Don’t react to the situations at hand, respond in grace and in love. Your family’s success is counting on it.

We love you…. God loves you.

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