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Fitting Your Divorce Into The Church

Kristy Groce | Oct 25, 2021

Are you a Christian that has went through a divorce and you feel like you are wearing a big red “D” on your shirt when you walk into the building?
Being both in a step family and the church community can feel a bit ironic at times.

If you were raised in church and already a Christian, getting a divorce can be very shameful and feel like it is the unforgivable sin.
All sin is covered by the blood of Jesus and God forgives you of your divorce just like any other sin.

There are many things that can help you grow closer to God but start small and focus on three things:

1. Own your truth - Don’t be ashamed that you have been divorced and believe that being in church to grow in your faith is the right thing to do.

Many blended families are not quick to “raise their hands” about being a blended family. However, owning your truth is to be able to live your authentic life. By owning our truth we can call our kids stepkids to people within the church and some people will agree with that terminology and some will not be. There is one thing for sure whatever terminologies that you and your little fam have decided to call one another is what is right for you. Each family is a safe place that they create for themselves and bringing that family to church and showing the kids where to learn, serve, and worship is a vital part of their faith journey as well.

2. Community - To start the process of finding a community of people that can be there for support and encouragement is important. Once you are involved and serving and worshipping in the Church you will begin to grow your community. Your tribe will be there in the ups and downs of life. They will celebrate your wins with you and fall and their knees in the hard times and pray with you. We all need a little reminding every once in a while to stay humble and to stay strong. God designed for community and the Church was designed for just that.

3. God loves you - God already knew you were getting divorced before you even got married the first time. God created you and he created your spouse and your ex-spouse (gasp). No, God doesn’t want divorce but he DID already know that it was going to happen. We do live in a failed world, you remember the apple and all, and we do need to repent from our sins but they are forgiven as far as the east is from the west. We are to move forward in our new marriage and honor that commitment and put God at the center of it. Satan wants you to live in shame and condemnation but God wants you to live in freedom, freedom that Jesus died to give you.

Stepfamilies within the Christian community is a very high need but low demand – be a part of the movement with us. We love you….God loves you.

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